Our next release has been decided

We will be releasing a vinyl version of Vulture Industries debut album titled “The Dystopia Journals”. Here is the press release with all the details:
“The Dystopia Journals”, the first full-length album from the Norwegian VULTURE INDUSTRIES, is due to be released on vinyl in late 2009 via the U.S. label RAGNAROK RECORDS. The Double LP will come in gatefold format, limited to 500 copies only, and will contain the bonus track “Ende”.
Track listing as follows:
Side A:
1. Pills of Conformity
2. Blood Don’t Flow Streamlined
Side B:
3. A Path of Infamy
4. Soulcage
5. The Crumbling Realm
Side C:
6. The Benevolent Pawn
7. Grim Apparitions
Side D:
8. To Sever the Hand of Corruption
9. Ende (Bonus Track)
VULTURE INDUSTRIES, whose line up comprises producer BJORNAR E. NILSEN (BLACK HOLE GENERATOR) on vocals, synths and programming; ØYVIND MADSEN (SULPHUR, ex-ENSLAVED, sessions guitars for DEATHCON) and EIVIND HUSE (SULPHUR, ex-SYRACH) on Guitars; KYRRE TEIGEN on Bass and TOR HELGE GJENGEDAL (MALICE IN WONDERLAND, ex-SULPHUR, ex-TAAKE) on drums, are currently working on material for the follow up to “The Dystopia Journals”, which will be released on Dark Essence Records in early 2010.Further information about VULTURE INDUSTRIES can be found on the band’s MySpace page at www.myspace.com/vultureindustries